Graphito Prevention specialized in instructional design. We train all hierarchical levels from the ExeCom, the HSE network, the managers down to the employees. We integrate active pedagogy fundamentals.  We use the participants’ experience, his background, his taking part in the simulations, role-playing as well as his involvement in the training to obtain a change.

Each participant truly plays an active role in his learning process.

At Graphito, we consider the most important thing is not the participant knows after a training but does things differently. A training must change behavior otherwise, it remains a reminder or an input of knowledge, which is unfortunately a too frequent pitfall.

Our trainings are personalized to your needs, level of knowledge and adapted to your staff difficulties. In addition we do individual coaching to help those who would have the most difficulties.

Discover our 3 key trainings :

The purpose of this seminar is to co-build the strategy; clearly define the role and actions of the ExeCom; and prepare the program and the monitoring.

The purpose: clearly define the role of the middle management = one concrete ritual and the coaching.

Provide the necessary elements to be efficient in these missions.

The purpose: define the role of the proximity managers and train them to be efficient when realizing their prevention missions. It is a practical training with the realization of security rituals, roleplaying…