Prevenline® is an on-line secured platform aiming to train, animate and manage prevention. It is a user-friendly platform, very simple to set up and utilize.

Several different and autonomous applications to build your own customized pedagogic trainings with the possibility to use:

  • Graphito’s existing educational material (more than 30 themes and 150 material),
  • Tailor made material,
  • your own existing material.
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Induction application

Induction application

Manage online the induction of your new comers.

  • 24/24 – 7/4
  • Large choice of material
  • Personalized training pathways according to your employee’s activity and risks
  • Fun and interactive material
  • Precise monitoring of the results
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Prevenline® is a powerful tool enabling you to monitor and obtain detailed reporting for an efficient analysis of your safety rituals.

Prevenline® Application Manager enables you to monitor:

  • The number of participants in managers’ actions
  • The main topics covered in safety rituals
  • The number of rituals facilitated by managers
  • The number of managers who have facilitated rituals
  • The number of safety visits
  • The number of visit follow-up requests
  • The number of coaching sessions
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Online Challenge

Online Challenge

Organize safety competitions between your teams

  • Possibility to play individually or in groups
  • Large choice of pedagogic materials
  • Dynamise and reinforce your safety messages in fun way,
  • Real time monitoring, traceability and scoring of the players
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Découvrez le témoignage d’utilisateurs de Prevenline®

Avec PREVENLINE®, nous avons simplifié l’accueil sécurité de nos employés. C’est rapide, pratique et cela permet à un travailleur d’être opérationnel très rapidement.

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